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Calling all book clubs . . .

Interested in having Laurie visit your book club? Just let us know. If dates are available, we’ll be happy to schedule a digital event for your club. It’s easy to send us a request. Just fill out the Book Club event request form below. We will compare calendars and put our heads together to plan a fun event for your club members!

Book Club Event Request for Laurie Moore-Moore,
author of Gone to Dallas

Book Club Discussion Questions
for Gone to Dallas

by Laurie Moore-Moore

Here are just a few questions to jump start your discussion. I’m sure you can think of more.

1.  Early in the novel, Sara says about Morgan, “He had a face that caught your eye. It was . . . what was the phrase she read in art books? . . . perfectly symmetrical. He looked down at her and his thin, straight mouth turned into a dimpled smile. Her knees went weak. How could I not fall in love with him?” Later she says, “He looks like a greek god.”

            Do you think Sara put too much emphasis on Morgan’s looks when deciding she loved him?  If so, were there consequences?

           What characteristics did Morgan have that might have changed Sara’s mind about marrying him had sheknown about them?

            Do you think she fell out of love with Morgan?

             What were your feelings about Morgan? Contempt? Compassion? Something else?

             Was Sara too forgiving of Morgan at the beginning?

             Compare and contrast Benjamin and Morgan.

2.  Sara’s papa told Morgan that Sara was “feisty.”

             Can you think of times in the story where Sara displayed this feistiness? 

             Sara was also impulsive.  Were there times this could have ended in disaster?

3.   What traits did Sara have which helped her make a success of Sara’s Mercantile Emporium?

             In what ways was she limited as a female business woman?

4.   Which secondary character in the story did you like best, and why?

             Is there a particular character you’d like to know more about?  For instance, were you curious about a particular character’s history or                                        “back story”?

5.   Why do you think Sarah Cockrell decided to mentor Sara?

6.   Numerous times in the book Sara says she is against slavery. Does she illustrate this consistently in her behavior?

            Do you think Sara’s attitude was representative of many of the citizens of Dallas?

7.    What did you find most interesting or surprising about wagon train travel to Texas?

8.    Do you think the bordello madame, Novella Adison, will be back to try to get her revenge on Sara and Sarah Cockrell?  Okay, I confess! This question is a teaser for the sequel—Cotton, Cattle and Conflict.