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Laurie Moore-Moore

Who is Laurie Moore-Moore?
Why does she have a double name?

Let’s start with the name. . . .

Here’s how Laurie explains it, “Decades ago when I came into the business world there was another Laurie Moore in my field. Knowing this would be confusing, I decided since my maiden name was Moore and I married a Moore, I’d use Moore-Moore.  Pretty silly, but everyone seems to remember it! And no, we are not related.”

Author Laurie Moore Moore

Meet the nine foot bear that came with our cabin in “Indian Territory.” Quite a surprise!

Since the house was built around it, it’s here to stay, but has no name. Help us name it, please.

Just email me your suggested name (no more than two suggestions at once). If we choose your suggested name, I’ll send you an autographed copy of the book and recognize you on this website and in the next novel—Cotton, Cattle and Conflict.

 Deadline for entry:  December 31, 2021

Laurie’s Bio (What Laurie calls her current life)

“My husband, Roger, and I have been blessed with many adventures in life—from treking across India’s Thar desert on a camel (and sleeping in the sand on our camel blankets) to repeating marriage vows in a remote Maasi village in Kenya (my dowery was one cow and one goat). My favorite adventure? As a fifth generation Texan, it is discovering more and more Texas history and writing about it!

“We live in Dallas and sneak away when possible to a mountain-top cabin overlooking a lake in former Indian Territory. The cabin is unique—there is a nine foot chainsaw bear in our entry hall. The house was actually built around it. Never thought I’d own a piece of chainsaw art, much less a nine foot bear. Life is full of surprises. . . .just like a good historical novel.”

Laurie’s Business Bio (What she calls her previous life)

The Chicago Tribune dubbed Laurie the “Luxury Real Estate Diva.” After starting in the ad agency business, and serving on a US Presidential Inaugural Committee as one of several press liaison staff people, Laurie transitioned into residential real estate where she co-founded Real Trends, Inc., a publishing, communications, and consulting business which produces an executive trend letter for the top management teams of the national residential real estate franchises and major brokerages. The company also does annual research ranking the nation’s largest residential brokerage firms, runs multiple CEO groups, and hosts the premier cross-brand industry CEO conference. While at Real Trends, Laurie spoke to an average of 10,000 real estate agents annually across North America.

In 2002, Laurie sold Real Trends to her partner and started The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. The Institute  provides the official luxury home marketing training for most of the nation’s residential real estate brands including RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Prudential, Sotheby’s, and many independent brokerages. Realtors who meet Institute performance standards earn the international Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation. Laurie sold this business to a private equity group in 2015.

For fourteen years, Laurie was on the Board of Directors of a major international corporation. She has presented at the New York Stock Exchange Governance Services conferences in NYC and at the International Shareholder Services (ISS) Corporate Governance Conference for ISS clients.