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Book launched 4th, 2021

Gone to Dallas

The Storekeeper

Sara’s husband was a disappointment in life, but she had to admit
he was a handsome corpse

It seemed so romantic when Morgan Darnell courted Sara in Tennessee, finally convincing her they should marry and join an 1856 “Gone to Texas” wagon train traveling along the “Trail of Tears,” through Indian territory, and across the Red River into Texas.

Sara arrives in Dallas a nineteen-year-old widow—armed with plenty of pluck—determined to open a general store in the tiny settlement of log cabins on the Trinity River. But Dallas is an untamed world of cattle chasers, buffalo hunters, freighters, lawyers, and a bordello madame set on taking over the town. Can Sara overcome her own uncertainty, vandalism, threats, and being gun shot?

In this tale of migration, betrayal, dreams, and determination, Sara strives to create her general store while living Dallas’ true history—from the beginnings of Le Reunion (the European colony across the Trinity) to a frozen river, a grand ball, and the mighty fire that burns Dallas to the ground. Dallas is a challenging place, especially with the Civil War looming.  Even with the friendship of a former Texas Ranger and Dallas’ most important citizen—another woman—is Sara strong enough to meet the challenge? Failure means being destitute in Dallas.

It’s Portis’ True Grit meets Harrigan’s One Great Thing, A History of Texas.
Book One, The Texas Brave and Strong Series by Laurie Moore-Moore.

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What Early Readers are Saying...

“A lovely work of historical fiction, eminently readable and richly embroidered with period detail. This reader gets a Louisa May Alcott feel from this first-in-a-series historical novel, and that’s high praise! Laurie Moore-Moore projects a tale of decency and resourcefulness that is fundamental to the continuing identity of the American West in general and of Texas specifically.”
Paul Hobby, Founder, Genesis Park, LP and Former CEO, Texas Monthly
“Gone To Dallas by author Laurie Moore-Moore is an unforgettable journey into the exciting yet turbulent times of a young Texas and the town of Dallas and beyond. Well written with a cast of characters that will capture your heart with their tenacity and spirit as they journey into unknown territory. Superb writing.”
BJ Mayo: Author of Alfie Carter and Sparrows of Montenegro
“I was hooked at the very first sentence! Sara is a formidable, likable young woman supported and challenged by a whole host of engaging and interesting characters. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. The balance of storytelling and interesting historical detail was just right—making it an entertaining and informative read. The novel is both Sara’s story and the story of Dallas. So glad I read it! I’m eager to follow Sara in the sequel!”
Debbie Botelho, Vancouver Island, Canada
“A female protagonist who’s Tennessee Smart and Texas Tough! Gone to Dallas captures an historically accurate essence of what early Texas was like and how committed and tenacious early settlers had to be to make it—especially the women!”
Dr. W. Arthur (Skip) Porter, President Quantum Consulting and Professor and Associate Dean for Innovation, College of Natural Science, University of Texas at Austin (retired)

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