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Laurie Moore-Moore

Gone To Dallas Paperback
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Gone To Dallas author Laurie Moore-Moore.

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Gone to Dallas

The Storekeeper

Sara’s husband was a disappointment in life,
but she had to admit he was a handsome corpse…
A fascinating step back in time to frontier Texas! GONE TO DALLAS, The Storekeeper, 1856-1861 spins fact and fiction in an unforgettable story of migration, dreams, betrayal, and determination. In a twist of fate, Sara Darnell arrives in Dallas a 19-year-old widow (armed with plenty of pluck) determined to open a general store in the tiny log-cabin settlement of Dallas. But the 1850s in Texas is a man’s hardscrabble world. Standing in her way as a young woman alone are a host of challenges. Can Sara pull herself up by the bootstraps and overcome loneliness, vandalism, threats, and her own uncertainty?
Real and fictional characters populate a compelling story full of surprising twists and turns. Actual historic events make this historical novel come alive. Join Sara as she strives to create Sara’s Mercantile Emporium and build a new life. Is Sara strong enough to face constant challenges with courage, determination, the power of friendship, and maybe a spark of love? The risks are high. Failure means being destitute in Dallas!
This page-turning historical novel brings to vivid life the mystique of the Old West and the spirit of adventure, hardships, and joys of living in Texas just before the Civil War. GONE TO DALLAS will have you rooting for the heroine and leave you wanting more. A remarkable story to inspire the strong woman in you. (Set in frontier Texas, guys like it, too!) Perfect for fans of True Grit and history buffs alike, GONE TO DALLAS is a riveting and inspiring debut novel that you won’t want to put down.
Book One in the Texas Brave and Strong series.
Watch for book Two: QUEEN OF COTTON, Confederate Camel Caravan to Mexico


Watch for the sequel of GONE TO DALLAS, coming in 2023

Working Title: Queen of Cotton, Confederate Camel Caravan to Mexico 1861-1862

My hope was having Book Two of the Texas Brave and Strong Series ready in 2022, but life intervened. With a major move from Dallas to our mountain-top in Oklahoma and all that involved, the building of a “barndominium” (which includes a writing office for me- Yay!) a trip to British Columbia to prepare our condo there for sale, a visit from COVID and lovely visits from friends and family, my schedule has fallen behind. My goal is to focus after the New Year and finish the sequel- no more excuses! The working title above will give you a hint about the new book. Another story that’s great fun to write. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy reading it! Stay tuned. 

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